Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weekly Picks

Thursday Night

LSU 30, Mississippi 22 - This a true Thursday night treat! It would be even better had the Other Dawgs had pulled it out last week, but I'll take weeknight SEC football where I can get it...especially with two ranked opponents. I have a feeling that Mullen's boys will be a little pissed heading into this game and charge out with enough jacked-up energy to make it a game. But, I just don't think it will be enough to knock off Les Miles and his grass-jinn voodoo. Tigers late.

Friday Night

Boise State 44, Toledo 13 - The Broncos might be a little rusty when they take the field in Toledo tonight, but I doubt it. Last week might not have been an anomaly and Toledo could be that scrappy, but I doubt it. Kellen Moore could have a tragic Coach-style high-fiving accident and be unable to play, but I doubt it. Broncos look sharp all night and ground the rockets.


West Virginia 31, Maryland 23 - The Terps will be in another uniform combo this weekend; this time, it's the all-blacks (which are kinda bad-ass). There's something I like about this Maryland squad, but I don't think they'll have enough mojo to fend off Holgo's Hillbillies.

Auburn at Clemson - I'm gonna say lightning won't strike thrice and Auburn finally loses. From the summer picks: "The '07 CFA Bowl, this 2010-'11 home and home, and the 2012 CFA kick-off classic; this cat fight's becoming quite the rivalry. Last year was a hard-fought, OT come back for Cam and crew that left Kyle Parker picking up pieces of lung. This year, Auburn has lost most of that BCS title team and Clemson brings back a lot of talent. While I don't think AU will struggle as much as Phil Steele does, I do think Death Valley gets the better of them. Clemson 29, Auburn 24"
Nebraska 30, Washington 13 - I think this will be less like the Holiday Bowl, and more like last year's regular season match-up. The Huskies might be 2-0, but they've certainly struggled to get there, including a squeaker over an FCS team. Nebraska didn't look great against Fresno State, but the ship will get righted this week and the blackshirts will be hungry. I've adjusted a bit from my early lean and picked a lower scoring affair, but it's still pretty much all Huskers.

Wisconsin 27, No. Illinois 16 - Yes, Wisconsin will win. Yes, it will be ugly. This is basically a home game for Northern, as the game will be at Soldier Field, and the Badgers are due for their early season odd job. It will be an ugly game at the half, but things will even out a bit for Wilson and Co. late. Double digits? Yes. Impressive? No.

Michigan State 31, Notre Dame 30 - HAHAHA

Florida 23, Tennessee 20 - Amongst all the talk about South Carolina and their clear path to ATL, Florida has unassumingly handled their cupcakes with juggernaut aplomb, sharpening their teeth for conference play. Tennessee has looked good in spurts, especially Bray, but Precious' boys won't be ready for the Swamp. They'll make it a game late, but Muschamp steal this one.

Texas 26, UCLA 24
- The Horns have Gilbert in the rearview and soon, the Bruins will have Rick Neuheisel in theirs.

Oklahoma at Florida State - This is INSANITY. Logically, I know FSU won't win, but my gut keeps telling me to pick 'em. So, once again, from the summer picks: "Throw last year out the window.  I know the Sooners are going to be a lot of folks' favorites for the BCS title in '11, but I'm not seeing it. I'm thinking there'll be some early struggles before the ship rights itself and the Seminoles in week 2 will be a tough opponent to play while OU's still finding themselves. Maybe I'm drinking the Jimbo-Aid, but I think FSU will be ready. FSU 30, Oklahoma 24"
Miami 30, Ohio State 20 - The Ineligi-Bowl. After seeing the turd the Buckeyes laid last week,  it's hard to take them seriously...especially against more athletic players. It will be ugly, and likely boring, with the 'Canes pulling away late.

Stanford 43, Arizona 23 - Couldn't pas up the late game! 

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