Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 3 Why Not? Rankings

1. James Beam - a man for ALL seasons.
2. Oklahoma - beat Florida State
3. LSU - dear lord that defense
4. Alabama - a quiet and unassuming terror
5. Boise State - precision
6. Wisconsin - Everyday I'm Russell'n
7. Bulliet Bourbon - had it on flight of bourbons; it won h2h against all comers.
8. Beef - it's what's for dinner
9. Nebraska - a reckoning will be had in Madison
10. Florida - how is this truly more ridicuouls than having SoCar this high this early?
11. Lee Corso picking OU
12. Stanford - just lost their best defender for the year
13. Texas A&M
14. Oklahoma State
15. The upcoming Texas A&M - OK State match-up
16. Dan Mullen's white hot RAGE /cowbells in the background
17. South Carolina - how patriotic to keep Navy in the game
18. Clemson - They look a lot better than VA Tech now
19. Maker's Mark - great neat, better with a splash of spicy ginger ale
20. South Florida - is it a hate crime to beat on HBCU like that?
21. Arkansas - Alabama's making bacon this weekend
22. Baylor - keep an eye on that Iowa State showdown
23. West Virginia - Holgo's Hillbillies like vicodin, air rifles, and cheese sticks
24. Oregon - pay no attention to the Ducks...
25. Michigan - No directional school can stand up to the SHOELACE

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