Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Final Why Not? Rankings

1. Tyrann Mathieu - the king of "hidden yardage."
2. LSU-BAMA - I can't decide. Only god can judge them, now.
3. Oklahoma - I guess. Please, someone, beat Big-Game Bob so we can end this charade.
4. Boise State - It's amazing how many people just straight up HATE on this team.
5. Stanford - More than luck.
6. Florida - Are you gonna catch Rainey and Demps?
7t. Cool Weather
  t. Oktoberfests
  t. Scary Movies
  #Autumn, baby
10. Hashtags
11. Georgia Tech - Once again, are you going to stop them?
12. Wisconsin - Can't wait to hear the excuses when they WAX Nebraska.
13. Vontaze Burfict's mental games against Matt Barkley
14. A&M to the SEC
15. Robert Griffin III - Has more touchdowns than he does incompletions. Yes, you read that right.
16. Nebraska - This will be a nice place holder until Saturday
17. Oregon - LSU keeps making them better and better
18. South Florida 
Wheel-about-to-fall-off division:
19. Michigan
20. Oklahoma State
21. Clemson
22. South Carolina
23. Illinois
The Tail End
24. Late night BBQ in downtown Athens
25. Winning Sports Trivia and getting ready to defend the title

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