Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Afternoon QB

This will be pretty short. I kept a very close eye on the Georgia-Coastal Carolina game, but shortly thereafter, everything got real blurry. First, the Thursday game. Dear god did LSU's defense look good. And Alabama's is supposed to be even better? What's in the Mississippi River runoff?

On to Saturday. Ole Miss looked like a train wreck in Nashville; I hope they're as generous with the ball this Saturday when the Dawgs come knocking. Auburn's defense was an especially orange shade of on fire at Clemson; thankfully they get a pretty terrible FAU squad to rebound this week.

On, Wisconsin. I know No. Illinois is not a powerhouse, but I was really thinking this game would be their annual, early-year, near toe-stubbing. Not so. Russell Wilson dropped almost 350 and both backs topped 90 yards in the 49-7 romp. That Wisky-Nebraska game will be HUGE...or should I say B1G.

Bourbon is delicious.

The night game: Oklahoma won. That's about all I remember. I know a backup came in and another player got seriously injured. Then I went home and passed out at my desk.

RIP to the Big Twelve and the Big East. Surely these conferences' days are numbered, with the Super Pac-16 rumors recirculating and Syracuse and Pitt jumping to the ACC. UConn and Rutgers are running fast behind the Orange and the Panthers and TCU is wondering what the hell just happened.

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