Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekly Picks


Oklahoma State 41, Arizona 24 - I have no doubt that the Cowboys will score points. I just wonder how many they'll give up after allowing one of the local-Louisiana's to drop 30. I'm leaning towards things being a little more tightened up this week, so I'll take the Fightin' T.Boones to be more than the Wildcats can handle. I do like Nick Foles (and his almost perfect game last week), but he just can't do it all himself.


Missouri 30, Arizona State 27 - I was all set and ready to pick Arizona State here. I feel like they've got the depth and experience to win a match-up like this, not to mention Vontaze Burfict and the curse that causes the demon inside him to only be sated by the broken bones of his opponents. But then the Sun Devils went and called for a blackout. And while I'm a fan of the new unis in Tempe, this has 'jinx' written all over it. Nothing like all black in 115 degree weather, huh, Dennis? Give me the Tigers by a field goal.


Wisconsin 40, Oregon State 20 - Man, the Beavers were embarrassing last week. I look to see them fired up when they hit the field, hoping to make up for last week's disaster against FCS Sacramento State. I just don't think it will be enough early or hold out long enough to stop the Badgers. Man, I love this Wisky team and see them rolling away late behind that O-line, on the feet of their twin stud backs, and the with the arm/vision/athleticism of their new warlord, Russell Wilson. The 20 points is generous.

Mississippi State 31, Auburn 30 - Look for the Tigers to rebound from that nigh-on turd-ish performance last Saturday and give State all they can handle. Relf and the Other Bulldogs should be able to hold on, but not before Malzahn's offense torches them from goal line to goal line. Defense will be optional in this one.

Alabama at Penn State - Even without the QB spot settled, I'll still toss it back to my summer pick: "It'll be defense and Trent Richardson early and often and Penn State will slowly be suffocated...much like last season. Bama 27, Penn State 6"

Georgia 24, South Carolina 17 - Why do I do this to myself. Why?

Texas 27, BYU 14 - It took a gift wrapped TD from Ole Miss for the Cougars to leave Oxford with a win. I don't see the 'Horns being as charitable. Gilbert played fine and Malcolm Brown will only get better. As long as no one does anything stupid, this one could be locked away by the third.

Iowa 34, Iowa State 17 - Unfortunately, someone has to win and go home with the hideous Cy-Hawk Trophy.

TCU 30, Air Force 28 - And now we have no idea how to pick TCU. Air Force runs a tricky triple-option and the Frogs got out of sorts early last week. Honestly, any outcome outside of a Falcon-blowout would seem normal here. I'll take TCU by a narrow margin based on nothing other than the last few seasons' dominance in the MWC.

Stanford 56, Duke 3 - I just felt like picking  a blowout this week.


  1. I hope that UGA pulls it out Saturday but I am not too confident.

  2. I feel the exact same way...that pick comes from the homer in me.