Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Night QB

I know it's late, but I got a little caught up with some things and then didn't feel like doing shit after work yesterday. But, now I'm a little more rested and realxed and ready to rehash the weekend.

Alabama and LSU are the best teams in the country. Alabama didn't just beat Arkansas - which is a little impressive on its own - they completely shut the Hawgs down. Offensively, they dominated the line of scrimmage and Richardson averaged over 7 ypc on the ground en route to a 200+ total yard performance. I'm remembering why this was my Heisman favorite on my number one team. What I didn't see in the off-season was how strong this LSU team would be. What they've done outside of Baton Rouge to ranked opponents makes me fear what they'll do to un-ranked foes inside Tiger Stadium. Now that I've written this, watch Les stumble over Kentucky...

I think Florida is the best team in the SEC East. It has some to do with the success they've found so quickly under new management and some to do with how spotty South Carolina has been. Honestly, SoCar was outplayed by Georgia. But we learned Saturday that Richt is content to play Richt-ball, choking kickers and hot seats be damned, so count out a late season Bulldog surge. Kentucky's wretched and Vandy can't quite close, so right now, it's all Gators. If they really want to impress me, beat 'Bama this weekend.

Oklahoma State - Texas A&M was a great game. Too bad our new brothers in College Station came up short. To their credit, Blackmon is ALWAYS OPEN ALWAYS. At least now I don't have to feel guilty pulling for the Aggies over Arkansas this weekend.

Well, it's finally time for Wisconsin to shine. It seems like everybody has been joining the chorus of "Yeah, they're good, but they haven't played anybody" and Wilson and Co. are in a perfect place to shut them up. The transfer QB has looked sharp and focused and the O-line still moves mountains, opening holes for twin thousand yard backs. I have been in love with how they've been winning more than who they've been beating. I feel like Nebraska's going to need to on fire for their fB1G welcome.

Denard gon' Denard, brah - don't try and stop it and certainly don't try and predict how.

Vontaze Burfict is the best defensive player not in the SEC West...if not the best period. He also has trouble with rules, limits, velocity control, skittles addiction, and RAGE. If I lined up across from him and he pointed at me, I'd just hand him the ball, retire my helmet, and take up kite-flying. The Sun Devils are a close loss to Illinois away from 4-0 and should not be overlooked out west.

Yes, that's right, Illinois. They are 4-0, even though they almost Zook'd it up this weekend. I guess his players actually want to win now.

When will the wheels fall of for Clemson? This weekend in Blacksburg seems like a good guess.

Round-Up: Toledo got screwed, Maryland got waxed, Godspeed, coach Kill, Will Muschamp does not like Star Wars, stop asking, pink slips are being printed in Oxford as we speak, and seriously what took so long to fire Mike Locksley? Seriously...?

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