Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Week One 'Why Not?' Rankings

It seems foolish to do a top-25 considering how little we've seen and how much of that limited play was mismatched, sloppy, or both. But, I love it, so here goes, based on what we've seen, with no consideration for the preseason rankings, a top-25. This is one part what I watched, one part what I saw in highlights, two parts what made me laugh, and three flight of fancy. Garnish with whimsy and serve:

His Indian name is 'Passing Bronco.' I call him 'If Stafford Cared.'
1. Lightning - beats everything.**
2. LSU - beat Oregon.
3. Boise State - beat Georgia...but that might not mean much.
4. Oklahoma - looked good rolling
5. Maryland's 'State Pride' helmets - highest trending twitter topic by far*
6. Wisconsin - locked and loaded
7. Alabama - pick a QB
8. Stanford - cruised
9. Ohio State - Your current QB efficiency leader? Joe Bauserman. Deal with it.
10. Baylor, baby! - RG3 to the extreme!
11. Arkansas - left no doubt when there wasn't even a question.
12. Florida State - ditto
13. Virginia Tech - did not get Big House'd
14. This T-shirt.
15. Nebraska - Um, sure.
16. Texas A&M - tamed the ponies and crushed Craig James in person.
17. First half Houston
18. South Florida
19. South Carolina avec Garcia
20. Mississippi State
21. The humor factor of Morgan Newton sacking himself tied with the humor factor of SMU's horrific on-side "kick."
22. Florida - Brantley finally fits!
23. Oklahoma State (defense not included)
24. The return of Oktoberfests!
25. Oregon

* Holy Shit! Did Under Armour rip off a roller derby team? Yes. Yes, they did.
** Grab your tin foil hats, folks. There were UFO's spotted during the Notre Dame-SoFla lightning delay.

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