Sunday, September 11, 2011

A loss, and a reprieve

That pretty much sums up how 0-2 feels. h/t Dr.Sat.
0-2. It's never a good way to start the season, but there are untold stories in that mark that can change the entire shade of a season. Last week, the gnashing of teeth and the lamentation of our women could be heard across the entire Bulldawg nation, but, like I said, there was more to it than just "a loss." It was the way we lost. We looked undisciplined, poorly coached, out of sorts, and all types of other things I don't want to re-hash today. And we placed the blame in one spot: squarely on the head of the head coach. For a man as hounded and beleaguered by fan dissatisfaction and hot seat rumors as Richt, how could he allow his team to look like that? The turd laid on that GA Dome field only lit more torches and sharpened more pitchforks across the land of red and black; CMR was on his way out. His shot at slvation? The SEC opener against a favored rival, South Carolina. Needles to say, we didn't have much faith. Sure, some of us though the players would win, but none of us felt good about the coach's chances. Now, with that game in the books, the roars have quieted...somewhat. I find it hard to blame Richt for this one. If you want to argue that there were some individual, questionable calls, you certainly could - but, you could do that after every game called by every coach. There was nothing in this loss that I see as being laid solely on Richt. And while the masses will still cry out for his blood, their numbers will diminish slightly this week, as the more discerning among us take a step back and let a man who has certainly earned a bit of good faith have a fair chance. For me, and others who want to make a good decision for our program, not just have a reaction to the last two years, Richt has bought some time, some slack in the rope. Now, whether or not he takes extra rope and hangs himself with it, that's up to him. We are almost guaranteed a win next week, but the conference slate heats up after that, and depending on how Richt regroups, his seat could be heating up right along with it.

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