Friday, November 19, 2010

Georgia-Boise State in the Dome?

Rumors are flying right now that schedule shifts and TV slots are being moved around to possibly set up another Georgia-Boise State game, maybe even in the Georgia Dome. We're getting no official comment from McGarity. It all apparently stems from Ole Miss setting up "a big football announcement," which, it's being reported, is that the Rebs are dropping the Broncos to pick up BYU. Georgia would have to drop Louisville to make this happen. Most likely, this game will be the Chick-fil-A Kick-off Classic for 2011.

Interesting side note from Tucker's piece: "By the way, Chick-fil-A this month opened its first restaurant in Idaho — on the Boise State campus." Nice.

UPDATE: Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING has been confirmed. But I think this would be a fun game, and a chance to redefine the program. Boise State is no laughing matter and they will not come in to 2011 the same way they did in 2005. Georgia has A LOT to lose here, but they also have a great deal to win. A marquee win to open the season could be just what Richt needs to get things moving in the right direction next year.

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