Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Recap

Well, I spent most of Saturday/Sunday morning with a bunch of republican lawyers from Middle GA celebrating a friend's 30th birthday in style. His wife rented us a limo and we hit up the ATL, raising hell, and generally missing almost all football action around us. That's why you got no Sunday Morning QB - I'm still processing all the scores/highlights, as well as recovering and trying to make it through work today in one piece. Still, though, there were a few things that stood out somewhat:

Denard set the QB rushing record. I know Michigan's record is not that good, but it's not for any lack of Robinson trying. I would certainly still keep him on a Heisman short list.

Speaking of, I also know who would be at the top of the list, and he didn't play this weekend: Cam Newton. All the swirling scandal isn't enough to change that for me. As long as it's not a performance-enhancement issue, I don't hold it against a player. Newton's the most exceptional player of the field this season, period.

LSU survives, but damn Les Miles. You need a three yard play for a 2-point conversion. What do you do? Reverse option pass, of course. The grass must have been off Saturday.

It takes a while to get from  Macon to Atlanta if you have to stop and let seven drunk morons piss every 20 minutes. It takes even longer to get back at 3am if you have to stop and let an eighth moron vomit along the side of I-75.

I'm really glad I didn't watch Texas A&M-Nebraska.

The end of the Mississippi State game looked exciting, but that's really the last complete memory I have.

ESPN highlights don't really take through a blurry haze at 4am.

And, finally, the hangovers are getting worse and worse.

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