Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weekly Picks, Rivalry Style

They're not all rivalry games this week, as the PAC-10 closes out conference play next weekend.

Backyard Brawl: West Virginia 23, Pitt 20 - I have absolutely no clear reasoning for this pick, and I almost picked Pitt to win, 7-6. But, something in my gut tells me Pitt will actually score some points and the 'Neers will pull it out in a close one.

The Iron Bowl: Auburn 41, Alabama 31 - Cam Newton, Cam Newton, Cam Newton.

Boise State 42, Nevada 24 - I'd really like to see the Wolfpack win this game, put I just know they won't.

Oregon 37, Arizona 27 - Another close (-ish) win for the Ducks.

Florida 27, Florida State 24 -  If the Gators lose this one, things will really be under the microscope in Gainesville...starting with Adazzio's contract.

The Game: Ohio State 38, Michigan 27 - Shoelace and Co. will make this exciting early, but the Buckeyes will be too much in the second half. BTW, when did these teams steal the nickname of the Harvard-Yale rivalry?

Border War: Kansas 27, Missouri 26 - UPSET ALERT.

The Boot: Arkansas 34, LSU 31 - No late-game magic for the Grass-Eaters.

South Carolina 23, Clemson 19 - It will be ugly, the Cocks will overlook the Tigers early, punched will be thrown, players will be ejected. Why doesn't this have an official name? Like, The Palmetto Poor Sportsmanship Classic.

Oregon State 37, Stanford 34 - UPSET ALERT 2. I mean, why not?

Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate: Georgia 40, Georgia Tech 31 - I see a lot of points and a close game for most of the night. In the end, a big play breaks it open and the Dawgs pull away.

Bedlam: Oklahoma 30, Oklahoma State 27 - Here come the Sooners.

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