Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Morning QB

With the loss to A&M, Texas will not go to a bowl game; They're the only team in the BCS era to go from title game to losing season. A&M, on the other hand, has had an impressive year, especially the home stretch. After the Missouri loss, Sherman burned all the playbooks and press clippings, changed the offense around, and the Aggies haven't looked back. They'd be my pick to rep the Big-XII South in the title game, but it will most likely be OU.

Will Dave Wannstedt be looking for a job soon?

Auburn spotted 'Bama 24 in the Iron Bowl before coming back to win. If they're realistically hoping to win the BCS, they need to sort that shit out. Don't get me wrong, it was impressive, but unnecessary - learn to play from the start; these comebacks won't be so cute when someone gets out early and doesn't let you back in the game by coughing up red-zone turnovers. That said, the Tigers will be my number one team this week...but they better not dick around in the SECCG.

If I had to coach against Auburn, I'd hope to get the ball first. Then I'd pass against their horrendous secondary and hope for a TD. If I scored, I'd onside it. What do you have to lose? You're most likely not going to stop Cam Newton anyway; I'd pull out all the fakes, on-sides, and tricks I could.

It certainly seemed like Boise State was overlooking Nevada. All their talk focused on 'if Auburn loses, we can play for the BCS Title' instead of 'Hey, let's go beat Nevada.' I mean, yes the WAC schedule is shit, but Nevada's not a typical WAC team. It's not like the Bronco Bus was gassed up to play New Mexico or Wyoming - this is Colin Kaepernick and Vai Taua, the most productive backfield in football history. And, they can heap as much ridicule on the kicker as they want, but if that team had done anything else it was supposed to in the second half,  Kyle Brotzman wouldn't have been in that situation.

Also, as shitty as it is, I think the loss by Boise has hurt my faith in TCU. They're subconsciously connected for me and will both drop in my FTS Top-25.

I think Wisconsin is the strongest team in the Big Ten and deserves at least the Rose Bowl. If weirder things shake out, I'd maybe even put a one-loss Wisky in the Title game. If you haven't actually watched their offensive line and running backs play, you're missing out - that machine is brutal up front and has really clicked since the loss to Sparty. If the Badgers get the Rose, than I think Ohio State should get an at large and, unfortunately, Michigan State should be left out. Do they deserve it more than a Big East or ACC Champion? Absolutely. But, it is what it is and we can't change that.

The artificial turf in War Memorial Stadium proved to be Les Miles' undoing. Well, that and the back-breaking 80 yard touchdown to end the first half.

Stanford looked impressive yesterday - like, top-5 impressive. How long will the Cardinal be able to hold on to Jim Harbaugh? He'd be number one on my short list right now.

Speaking of coaching lists, the carousel started with Randy Shannon's firing, so everybody's getting their short lists together. The hottest themes we'll see are Harbaugh, Mullen and Malzahn in the SEC, someone making a play for Brady Hoke, and what will happen in Ann Arbor (RichRod out?), Austin (Brown stepping down for Muschamp?), and Gainesville (New OC?).

Tech's offense wasn't so much 'wrecked' as barely inconvenienced. So that's what a bye-week got us against the triple option, huh? God, I hope we get the personnel for Grantham's system soon - this shit is killing me. I HATE defending against that shit. I do LOVE Aaron Murray, however. And, I'd love for A.J. to come back, but let's be real, that only happens if the players union problems continue. Oh well, at least we're bowl eligible...bring on the Compass Bowl!

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