Monday, November 23, 2009

6-5 and Headed for Disaster

OK, this loss to Kentucky really pisses me off. It'd be one thing if we'd just come out flat and dropped a close game to a team that outplayed us, but, despite that first TD, that's just not what happened. After their first score, we owned them through the first half. We ran well, controlled both lines, had no penalties and protected the ball. Then Cox's pass was deflected late in the 2nd, forcing us to settle for a FG. And, even though we were up 20-6, you could just feel the malaise seeping in. Play calls got more questionable and execution got shabbier. We made no adjustments and allowed the 'Cats to take over the trenches. Once that happened, they caught up and in the commotion we lost our focus and tried to settle for just hanging on for the win. It didn't happen. 4 turnovers later, the game was decided and once again we were on the short end of the stick. I could spend hours dissecting this game and proposing different theories and offering fix-it solutions or dream personnel we could hire, but there's no point. We know what's wrong and it better get fixed by next season or this program will begin a steady decline towards mediocrity, or what I like to call the early 90's. Coach Richt, handle your business.

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