Sunday, November 29, 2009

Top-25: 11/29

It's beginning to clear up now, thanks to some upsets and faves pulling away from the pack. Florida handled their season ending rival, while both 'Bama and Texas struggled, so the Gators hold number one. I would have tied the Horns and Tide for 2nd, but McCoy's playing too well right now. It now looks like the best ACC team, Virginia Tech, will not be in the conference championship game. The SEC, however, clearly has its 2 best teams (arguably the nation's best) in their CG. The middle of the PAC-10 is the most competitive 2-6 in all of football and could hang in any league, despite what the local homers will tell you. Because of this, I wanted to make sure they were all ranked, USC higher than Cal because of the head-to-head, both those teams higher than Stanford due to overall record, and Arizona bringing up the rear. I did not punish GA Tech too much for their loss because their offense was still moving almost at will and it's hard to use emotional rivalry games against non-undefeated teams. So, why did Oklahoma drop? I wanted them behind Nebraska, the Big-XII North champ. Once again, I'll rank through 30 since things are just fuzzy from 12 on down. This also allows me to nclude some mid-pack Big-Ten and -XII teams. Enjoy:
  1. Florida
  2. Texas
  3. Alabama
  4. TCU
  5. Cincinnati
  6. Boise State
  7. Oregon
  8. Ohio State
  9. Iowa
  10. Virginia Tech
  11. Georgia Tech
  12. Penn State
  13. Oregon State
  14. LSU
  15. Miami
  16. Pitt
  17. USC
  18. Cal
  19. Stanford
  20. Houston
  21. Nebraska
  22. Oklahoma State
  23. BYU
  24. Clemson
  25. Utah
  26. Arizona
  27. Northwestern
  28. Wisconsin
  29. Texas Tech
  30. Oklahoma

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