Sunday, November 29, 2009

SEC Bowling

Here's my guesses as to where the SEC teams will hash out when it comes to bowl season. The only things that could come out differently are obviously Florida and Alabama (depending on the outcome of the SECCG), maybe Auburn and Arkansas, and some say Tennessee could go to the Cotton Bowl, but why would they not take the West team? The SEC gets 9 tie-ins (10 if 2 teams make BCS bowls). This year the conference will have no problem filing all the available spots, but, for future reference, if they weren't able to, the Sun Belt would be next in line to send teams to the Independence and Bowl (Ugh, a Sun Belt-Big East game? Gross).
UPDATE: I went back in and projected opponents, too. Enjoy.

1. and 2. - BCS team(s): BCS Title Game: Florida (vs. Texas); Sugar: Alabama (vs. Cincy)

3. - Capital One: LSU (vs. Penn State)

4. and 5. - Cotton picks West: Ole Miss (vs. OK State); Outback picks East: Tennessee (vs. N'western)

6. - Chick-Fil-A: Georgia (vs. Clemson)*

7. and 8. - Music City and Liberty (order decided with SEC): South Carolina (vs. UNC) and Auburn (vs. Houston)

9. Independence: Arkansas (vs. Iowa State) Imagine if AU and Ark are swapped...
UPDATE 2: I'm actually thinking this will be Texas A&M. Even thought he Cyclones are higher in the standings, I doubt Shreveport will pass up the team closer to home.

10. Kentucky (vs. South Florida)
* This is iffy - VA Tech very well could end up here. Of course, that's assuming a GA Tech win in the ACC CG. If Clemson wins, they'll get the Orange Bowl. That would bring up the possibility of Miami coming to ATL.

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