Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tech Wrecked, Order Restored...and other stuff.

Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate: Despite what the ABC announcers said, Martinez does not deserve amnesty because of last night. We might have won, but the Tech offense still killed us at the corners and the secondary threatened to give it away all night. Well, except maybe Reshad Jones, but he was playing his ass off for atonement. I'm not saying we need to fire WM or keep him, I'm just saying that last night's win should not have an impact on the decision. But, it will...

That said, who would have thought we would have won like that? Outrushing, winning the turnover battle, and dominating at the line? That's not what we do. You knew the roles were completely reversed when Tech was having to pass late and pretty much lost their last chance on a dropped pass. How very UGA of you, Jackets.

Um, yeah...about number 3...sorry...

Either way, it feels like order has been restored in the Peach State. All the Tech "fans" that popped up out of nowhere last year will slowly melt back into the woodwork and we won't see them again until another Jackets win down the road. Eight out of Nine, baby!

Yes, really, Kentucky; the new transitive champions of the ACC

From Rivalries to Recruiting: Well, the second week of rivalries is down and there's one more to go. And the matchup I've honestly been looking forward to the most is finally here: The Civil War. The Ducks and Beavs play for a Rose Bowl bid and it should be a great game. Masoli versus the Rodgers brothers, lots of speed and surprising defenses. Plus, if State wins, what does that say about Cincy? They would have beaten the champion of a much-IMPROVED PAC-10 this year. That should lend them some credibility. And, if the Ducks win, hello Boise State! I know we hate to hear it, but that's the sound of parity. There's still only a few 4 and 5 star recruits out there and the premiere programs get them. But there's a hundred 3 star recruits to pick up and a good coaching staff can make all the difference in the world, whether it's in the SEC or WAC.

I have no problem with Pete Carroll's decision to bomb the Bruins with under a minute left. You shouldn't have called the timeout, Nuheisel. It's what I feel like doing when the computer does it to me and we all know life is exactly the same as video games. You want the game to be drawn out? You got it - now you have to stop them. Now we know why Carroll didn't criticize Harbaugh's 2-pt. conversion in public after the Stanford game...he secretly loved it!

No Transitive Victories Here: Please look at the SEC standings and try to make sense of them. There are six 7-5 teams in the league, and playing the who-beat-who game will only get you a migraine. Georgia beat SoCar, who beat Kentucky, who beat Auburn, who beat Ole Miss, who beat LSU, who beat Georgia, who beat Arkansas, who beat Auburn, who beat Tennessee, who beat Kentucky, who beat get the idea. Plus, apparently any one of them could have won the ACC.

Heisman: Toby Gerhart had an insane night and would get my Heisman vote right now if I had one. 200+ yards, 3 rushing TD's, including the game-winner, and a crucial 4th down passing score to tie it up late. That's a clinic, son. Rounding out my ballot would be the QB's McCoy and Tebow, who both had great days against their rivals, and then maybe a defensive player for fun, like Brandon Graham. I would probably leave my 5th spot blank because statistically it should be Clausen and fuck that.


UPDATE: Actually, my fifth spot would go to Kellen Moore.

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  1. Wonderful post. I was def. surprised at how well we were able to run and dominate the line of scrimmage. When we came out passing in the second quarter, I started yelling at the screen: "Why are we passing it? We're running the ball just fine! Keep running the ball." Then we did. I think Mike Bobo could hear me from our apartment.