Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back to the Bronx

And back to the house the Jeter built (kinda cheesy but let's see if it sticks for the next 80 or so years). While I'm glued to the TV, as is aparently the largest crowd to watch a World Series in 15 years, I think this WS has been relatively boring. Sure, Chase Utley has tied Mr. October for the most home runs in a series (5), but one player a team does not make. All Phillies not named Chase are batting an astonishing .219, 40 points below their regular season average. Also, Chase has knocked in 8 of their 20 RBI's.

On the other hand, the Yankees have not been so stellar themselves. Jeter and Damon have been fantastic batting a combined .372 out of the top two spots which would be super dangerous if EITHER Tex or AROD was hitting the ball behind them. Instead the rest of the Yankees are hitting a paltry .201, over 80 points lower then their regular season average.

And its not that the pitching has been super stellar. Cliff Lee was lights out in Game 1, Burnett was in Game 2. Other then that the starting pitching on both sides has been ordinary to fairly awful. Starting pitchers have ammaassed a 5.04 ERA in the WS, yet none of the 7 guys who have started came with 3/4 of a run of that number during the regular season. The bullpens have been worse. It seems as if everyone who catches the Bell South call to the bullpen gives up a run as soon as they come in. Make that 3 if you are Brad Lidge. Apologies to Mo as he remains untouchable.

Game six stands to be the classic that everyone has been hoping for. Old reliable Andy Pettite standing on the mound in the NEW Yankee Stadium trying to earn his 17th lifetime playoff victory and the club's 27th championship banner. There is no one that Yankee faithful would rather have on the mound for a big game then #46 (well, maybe Whitey Ford). But there is always a a yin to your yang. And Pedro Martinez has been that to the Yankees for the past 10+ years, bringing countless memories, both good and bad, to Yankee lore. As a fan, he is Steve Spurrier to a GA fan, the man that you love to hate no matter where he goes and we relish in his failures. He stands toe to toe, perhaps for the last time in his career, against a team that he has made a career killing. And there is a 2003 Game 7 revenge that he is looking for payback on. Don't look for Pedro to throw 96 anymore, or for Charlie Manuel to leave him in long enough for him to self destruct like that night in 2003. But expect for this Game 6 to go down as an ESPN instant classic between two of the game all time best big game pitchers.

While it could go either way, I stand by my Yankees in 7 quote earlier, as I would love them to shove it down Cole Hamels throat one more time. But I will take a win in 6, just so long as Pedro leaves without that grin on his face that he left with in Game 2.

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