Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Night QB

See the previous post for thoughts on Kentucky-UGA. Our last shot at glory is ruining Georgia Tech's season. The Jackets win one and run their mouths like they've got a 10-game streak. They're well coached, athletic, fast, and way too tricky for Martinez. They'll probably hang 40 on us, but for some reason, I know we can beat them if we play the right way. Jesus, I'd love to beat them.
UPDATE: Now we're hearing about offensive tells that are noticed by fans in the stands!! If grandma is picking up on the play from 27 rows back, I'm guessing Charlie Strong is having zero difficulty doing it. Fuck, this is getting embarrassing.

And, while Richt has some issues to deal with, at least he hasn't fucked us out of a win quite as bad as Les Miles did for LSU Saturday. Sheesh. What's worse, Miles came out and said he didn't know why Jefferson tried to spike the ball...even though the camera clearly shows CLM running down the sidelines ordering the clock play. What a douche.

But, at least Miles isn't Yale coach Tom Williams. He's definitely the winner of the COACHING FAIL award for the week.

The PAC-10 is the most exciting conference in football. Arizona and Oregon had to win out to get to the Rose Bowl and their first tests were against each other. They didn't disappoint, playing a lightening death-match OT-thriller. Throw in the back-and-forth Big Game (Cal-Stanford), and we realize that all this conference had to do to get interesting was overthrow USC. It's like they're having their own football-style French Revolution...Oregon better be careful, I think we all remember what happened to Robespierre...

If Arkansas and Miss. St. win next week, the best record in the SEC behind Florida and 'Bama's will be 4-4. Not only that, but we've seen some crappy play from teams out of conference and middle-of-the-pack mentality losses all over the place. People, I think the SEC is the new PAC-10, just with a two-headed king. Regicide, anyone?

After the loss to UConn, Charlie Weis should be out at Notre Dame soon. Let the Urban Meyer to South Bend talk begin in earnest now, even though he'd have to be an idiot to do it.

Guess what? Katie Couric's kind of hot.

Well, the home tailgating season is over and I'd like to say to all my peeps that I had a blast this season, despite all the night games. So, thanks again to Weezy, a.k.a Father Tailgate, for the infrastructure and to The Moviegoer for all the Chick-Fil-A. I always had a blast with JINX, enjoyed arguing with Aroo when he showed up, and there'd be no work done without LTDx. I wouldn't trade the friends in my life for any number of victories on the field.

Lastly, if you're not watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, what the fuck's wrong with you? Seriously, we should have an intervention for that. Well, onward and upward, chaps, The top-25 should be along shortly.


Also, thanks to the tailgate crew for reminding me of how great a song "Kiss From a Rose" is.


  1. Interesting weekend in college football indeed. Jesus, going to that game was gut-wrenching but beating Tech would be so sweet. And we may not have had a great Dawgs squad this year but I will tell you what, our crew that showed up for tailgating should have won the national championship! From "September grease pops" to the 506amBoyz, this season was a blast for me as well. Lastly, if you are not watching "Sunny", you are missing out on the best comedy crew in television.