Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank You, Damon Evans.

Well, it looks like no more special uniforms for the Bulldogs. On the Bulldog Hotline, Athletic Director Damon Evans exposed his preference for sticking with the classic UGA unis: "I like our traditional uniforms--the silver britches, the red jerseys, the white jerseys and the red helmets--and that’s what we need to stick with at the University of Georgia.” I agree wholeheartedly, sir. We don't need gimmicks, we need discipline, fundamentals, and some fire in our fucking bellies. That's how you win games. Now, he doesn't come right out and say he'll be banning the special uniforms, but god I hope he does - at least for a while. Those black helmets? They were a $30,000 ass-whipping. The last blackout? A blowout. A blowout, by the way, to a program who hasn't changed their uniforms since Ezekiel was the long snapper. This isn't a rant against special unis, mind you; I do like the black jerseys. We just need to save them for a time when the players have earned them, because right now it feels like Richt trots them out when he needs a quick, cheap gimmick to win a game.


UPDATE: Oh yeah, and the red face-masks were U-G-L-Y. We looked like some D-3 or high school team. And we played like one, too.


UPDATE 2: Let me reiterate, I do like special uniforms - sometimes. As a matter of fact I loved the new Nike unis that TCU sported two weeks ago. I also liked the Jolly Roger motif ECU adopted for the VA Tech game. And, like I said, I like the black jerseys...I just don't want to break them out anytime soon.

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