Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weekly Picks - Deathbed Edition

I'm dedicated to you, dear reader. I think I've got the flu, but yet I make my picks. Seriously, though: chills, aches, a fever, cough, etc...but I'm kind of happy. It means I might not have to go home for Thanksgiving! That said, here are my picks for rivalry week:

Texas Turkey Day Showdown

Texas 45, Texas A&M 16 - Congrats to the Aggies for getting bowl-eligible, but that's about it. The way McCoy has come on the last few weeks leaves me very worried about that suspect A&M defense.

Black Friday

First off, UPSET ALERT: Illinois over Cincy? Could the Illini ruin the BearCats' season? It sets up perfectly for an upset here.

Alabama 29, Auburn 17 - The machine keeps rolling along.

Pitt 31, West VA 30 - The Mountaineers could salvage their season by derailing the Panthers', but I think the 'Stache pulls it out. Crap that's scary: putting my faith in Wanstedt.


Clemson 27, SoCar 20 - Ugh.

Oklahoma 30, Oklahoma St. 14 - I've been calling the Sooners in this game all season. And now that Robinson might sit out, it seems like a lock.

Utah 24, BYU 14 - I'll take the Utes in the Holy War, as the Cougs have been flat lately.

LSU 34, Arkansas 32 - I was planning on taking the Razorbacks here, but then Miles gave up that game to Ole Miss last week. I don't see the Tigers losing two-in-a-row.

Georgia Tech 38, Georgia 17 - If everything plays out like it's been going lately, this could be more like a 45 or 52 to 17 situation. The Dawgs would have to play a perfect game to win and that's not likely since the best they've done this year is slightly awful.

Well, I'm off to chug some type of 'Quil, either Day or Ny, pound some OJ, self-medicate and take a nap. Happy Thanksgiving, mofos!

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