Thursday, November 5, 2009

Weekly Picks

First off, I'd like to thank Aroo for his in depth, high quality coverage of the World Series and congratulate him on his Yanks taking home number 27. I'd also like to congratulate the rest of us because we do not have to suffer through baseball season anymore. Here's to Aroo adding his two (or 3, or 4) cents through the rest of football season - we need to hear more from you, buddy.

Now, on to the Picks!

Last week 3-3; Season 40 - 19


VA Tech 30, ECU 13 - The Hokies bounce back against a plucky CUSA squad


Boise State 44, LA Tech 23 - I like Lil' Dooley's Lil' Dawgs, but they can't compete with the Broncs from Boise.


Arkansas 27, South Carolina 16 - Mallet clicks and the Hawgs get it together late to upend the Cocks.

Alabama 24, LSU 21 - TAKE THE POINTS...

Oregon 31, Stanford 20 - I'd like to put the Ducks on upset alert, but they're just playing too hard right now. Even hard nose Gerhart won't be enough of a temp tool to slow down Oregon.

Ohio State 23, Penn State 21 - Bucks recover and pull the rug out from under the resurgent Lions

Oklahoma 30, Nebraska 14 - Pelini has fixed the blackshirt D; too bad the offense can't do ANYTHING with the ball

Cincinnati 27, UConn 20 - I like the continued emotion that the Huskies are carrying. It could throw the 'Cats off early, but won't be enough to keep Cincy down.


UPSET ALERT - Wake over GA Tech and Tulsa over Houston. Not saying it's gonna happen, just saying these teams need to be careful.

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