Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks, Orson

Spencer Hall, a.k.a Orson Swindle (EDSBS and SBNation), gave Athens, and Georgia fans in general, a great shout-out in this week's Alphabetical. I'd summarize it, but that wouldn't do the town - or the writing - justice. Read for yourselves:

"P is for Pastoral. I was in Athens this weekend, and came away convinced of the truth and power of cliche. Ask a college football aficionado "What is the best college town?", and parrot-like they will respond "SQUAWK ATHENS SQUAWK." This usually means, like most universal opinions, that Athens is not the best college town, and that you have to make your own estimates and surveys before coming to a different and undoubtedly smarter, more correct judgment. In this case, however, broken clocks are right, and everyone is correct: Athens is the premiere college town in the known universe, and there is no real refutation of this available that is not total gibberish. It is inseparable from the campus due to proximity; architecturally consonant with the campus's Georgian stylings; arranged in a neat grid for maximum packing-in of bars, restaurants, and other student necessities; possessed of a nice mix of frat-boy booze troughs and hipster beer halls; warm; friendly; and finally, it has the Five Star Day Cafe, where they advertise their Kool Aid Flavor of the Day by color and serve fried green tomatoes in a sauce so good it must be made of pure evil and baby parts, because it cannot be legal in any of the fifty states.

Q is for Quarter, Granted. As Florida fan, this is treason, but I'm already guilty so why not press the case. Athens is nice, but Georgia fans are even nicer in person, and bear no resemblance to their online selves in the flesh. How do you know you're dealing with quality people? The answer is universal: THEY OFFER YOU DORITO SALAD: Pic of Dorito Salad. In addition to this, the fanbase showed superb humor for a collection of fans trodden upon by a miserable 5-4 season and a defensive coordinator who considers blitzing to be unspeakably rude. Points and kudos awarded all around to UGA fans. With the exception of the week leading up to the Cocktail Party, we love you all and your superior college town. (We didn't even mention the attractive ladies of Athens, because I'm old and that's creepy, but I just did, making me old and creepy. But yes: stunning in all directions. Not my type, because I saw no women carrying obvious knives or guns, but impressive nonetheless.)"
If, for some stupid reason, you're not reading EDSBS daily, you're missing out some great insight and observations, delivered with humor and the right amount of edge. Use the links above to get acquainted with his writing and be ready for two of the best weekly posts on the web: Mustache Wednesday and Schnellenberger's Top-25.

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