Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Morning QB

- First things first, the Georgia game: We still had a negative turnover margin and double-digit penalties. On the other hand, we pretty much were scoring at will until the starters were pulled early in the third. We also used the FCS-foe to get some running game drills in, which we desperately needed. No injuries, a big win, and hopefully a great tune-up heading into the last 3 games of the season.

- With some key losses yesterday, the BCS bowl picture is getting cleared up a bit. Notre Dame's most likely out, as is a second team from the Big-10 and Pac-10. The ACC and Big-XII have looked like 1 team entrants for a while now, and it does appear the SEC will get it's obligatory two squads in the mix. What this EQ-culling does is open the door for more of the busters, like Boise and TCU. Me personally, I like it. But, I will still likely be pulling for Idaho when the Vandals lock-up with the Broncos.

- I guess I understand why people are tired of hearing about Tim Tebow, anything repeated that much gets old. But, at least he deserves the attention. Why is no one complaining about the special attention (undeserved at that) that Jimmy Clausen gets from the media? I watched a good bit of the Navy-ND game, and from what I was hearing, you would think that JC was leading his team to a big win over a big-time foe, not losing to Navy. Clausen turned the ball over three times, showed poor sportsmanship, and confirmed for me that he is just a brat. It's not all his fault, though. Weis is a piss-poor developer of young men, a talent much needed in college coaching. Thank god the Irish played such a cake-walk schedule...

- The PAC-10 is the second best conference in the nation. Period. Maybe even the best. Think about it: Georgia is still number two in the SEC East. They barley beat Arizona State who's floundering near the bottom of the PAC-10 pack. I'd take the top-6 teams in that league to compete anywhere in the nation, including old kicking posts like Stanford and Arizona. Honestly, I'd keep the SEC at number 1, hold the PAC-10 steady at 2, and I guess default to the Big-XII. But, to me, there's no question that the PAC-10 is better than the Big-XII...I mean, the North division of the B12 is a giant cluster-fuck of mediocrity and the south is WEAK at the bottom.

- Speaking of Stanford, Toby Gerhart is a bona fide Heisman candidate. I hope the Cardinal absolutely BLAST Notre Dame in a couple weeks...but now that I've said it, I've jinxed them, and they'll lose on a career day for Clausen.

- Along the same lines (bruising, pace-setting RB's), I'll keep Mark Ingram on my list, as well.

- With both teams winning yesterday, Florida and Alabama have won their respective divisions and are locked in to square off in the SEC Championship game. It's setting up to be a great re-match from last season, and if both teams win out, they'll both be undefeated with the winner assured of a BCS Title Game spot. Definitely big doin's...

- Amusing side note: NBC carries Notre Dame football, so NBC has to put a competitive telecast together, which they do. They even have a rolling score board ticker to keep viewers updated on other games across the nation. Great. The interesting part? Guess who sponsors the NBC Scoreboard...give up? It's the United States Navy.

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