Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weekly Picks

So many of the odd-ball, upstart, underdog teams we've seen this season have pretty tough match ups this week. Most against stayed, steady, big-time programs who, while maybe they've seen better days, are poised to send these heart warmers home empty handed. Now, I love a good over-achiever makes it big story, but I'm trying not to let it cloud my judgment, which is why I took Boise, USC, OSU and Notre Dame.

Last week: 6-2; Season: 46-21


Rutgers 31, SoFla 24 -Why do I keep picking the Knights?!


Cincinnati 33, West Virginia 21 - UPSET ALERT ONE!! This is a perfect place for the 'Neers to catch the 'Cats slipping. Cincy's coming off a short week and settling QB questions, while coming off an emotional game they barely won. They could be a bit slow out of the gates and if WVU's offense clicks...but, here's hoping that doesn't happen.

BTW, Temple's playing Friday night, as well...oh, and did I mention the Owls are 7-and-fucking-2?


Florida 27, SoCar 13 - Slow, sloppy, methodical...and still perfect on the year. The Gators add to the imploding Cocks' problems.

Boise State 41, Idaho 20 - OH MAN I"D LOVE TO SEE IDAHO WIN...not out of anti-Boise-ness, but I have a soft spot for the Vandals after pretend-building their program into true contention on NCAA 08. Either way, Idaho's bowl eligible for the first time in forever and Boise's likely on their way to another bCS bowl game, so congrats to the entire gem state.

USC 24, Stanford 16 - I love Toby Gerhart and Stanford this year, but it would be too perfect to see the Cardinal knock-off the Trojans this season. Besides, you think Pete Carroll is lsoing another game this year? Not likely.

Ohio State 31, Iowa 13 - No Stanzi, no miracle wins. The Bucks restore order after blasting Penn State last week and en route to yet another blasting of Michigan next week.

OK State 41, Texas Tech 37 - Pokes outlast Raiders in a shootout. How weird would a 3-2 game be between these two teams?

Arizona 26, Cal 20 - With no Jahvid Best, I don't like the Golden Bears' chances against the Wildcats.

TCU 24, Utah 21 - Honestly, this could go either way. I want the Frogs to win and make the BCS, so it probably won't happen. I guess I should probably pick the Utes...but fuck it. With the Nike Pro-Combat Unis (which include blood lines!), TCU's too tuff!

Notre Dame 34, Pitt 23 - They all shall fall.

UPSET ALERT TWO: #20 Wisconsin has everything on the line against a Michigan squad with it's back to the wall and nothing to lose. It could be a bad day at Camp Randall...


  1. Those unis are nuts (but cool in a futuristic, sci-fi version of football kind of way)! Also, until I read your post, I had always heard Camp Randall (like Camp Anawanna) in my head, not Camp-Randall.

  2. Actually, I think you're right; It should be Camp Randall. Thanks, and duly corrected.