Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dynasty Update: "Hail! to the Victors Valiant!"

"Hail! to the Conquering Heroes!"

Michigan Wins BCS, Downs 'Bama 49-35

Apparently there was one thing that both Michigan and Alabama forgot to bring to Miami for the BCS Title game: defense. It was a shootout from the first possession, with the Wolverines and Crimson Tide exchanging scoring drives for a 21-all tie at the half. Ace Journeyman's halftime adjustments proved to be the difference, though, as Big Blue jacked up the defense and tweaked their running game to eat up a bit more clock to force 'Bama out of their comfort zone. It worked, and the Tide failed to convert two long third downs in the third, allowing Michigan to score two unanswered TD's. Things gelled again for the Tide in the fourth, but it was too late, as the Wolverines kept pace to win a shootout, 49-35. As the last of the confetti fell and the Gatorade dried on the coaches shirts, a few celebrating fans began to wonder, "how long will this last?" The 2020 Wolverines were senior heavy and many fear that Ace Journeyman will be swooped up by another program sooner rather than later. But most kept right on partying, enjoying the rush of victory, watching Ace and the boys sing with the band: "Hail! Hail! to Michigan, the leaders and the best!"

2020 Season Recap:

at Miami (OH)       W 56-7
at #14 Notre Dame   W 38-0
Eastern Washington    W 77-14
Iowa State          W 35-0
#4 Wisconsin     W 31-14
at Indiana       W 31-7
Michigan State     W 41-7
Iowa        W 38-17
at Minnesota      W 47-14
at Illinois     W 45-14
Northwestern       W 35-10
at #12 Ohio State       W 24-7

BCS Championship Game:
#2 Alabama     W 49-35


  1. i think i hear dem georgia bulldawgs 'a callin.

  2. It has been a long time coming. I can hear the fight song now. But soon Ace will be "between the hedges"!

  3. The boosters need to demand it! Sources close to the program say Ace wants to go home, he's just waiting on the offer.