Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weekly Picks

May as well...

Iowa 24, Northwestern 21 - The Hawkeyes win, bit it's close as the Wildcats put on a good show in Evanston.

Georgia Tech 28, Miami 27 - No Jacorry Harris, but Stephen Morris steps up...just not high enough. This might be my last time picking Tech to win a game this season, and I'm not that comfortable with it, to be honest.

Missouri 31, Kansas State 20 - The Wildcats won't outscore the Tigers without passing the ball, and that hasn't really been their bag this season. It won't quite be a Nebraska-style beat down, but Mizzou will certainly pull away.

Notre Dame 30, Utah 27 - UPSET ALERT - KEEPING IT. It's either going to be an upset squeaker for the Irish or a BLOW-out by the Utes. And, it's more fun to call upsets!

Auburn 41, Georgia 34 - I adjusted it to be a bit closer. Florida's defense is much better than Auburn's and we were able to drop 31, so I look for a shoot-out here...and we just won't have the firepower to keep up with Cam. However, a few key plays could turn this whole thing around, especially if the Tiger's are distracted. ALL the pressure is on Auburn here, and that could be advantageous to the Dawgs.

Ohio State 34, Penn State 17 - Bucks cruise, no 401 for JoePa...yet.

Virginia Tech 27, North Carolina 17 - UNC won't do it two weeks in a row. VA Tech continues their undefeated roll through the ACC after losing two game sin 5 days to open 0-2.

Texas A&M 36, Baylor 29 - Another high-scoring affair in the South division. If it were the PAC-10, dumb-ass fans would make fun of it, but because it happens in the Big-XII, it's just "quality football." Yeah, right.

Alabama 20, Mississippi State 17 - Close, but Saban's not dropping three.

Florida 41, South Carolina 24 - Who wants a piece of the Gators now? Now that the murderous stalker Chris Rainey's back, UF has found an offense and isn't afriad to use it.

Oregon 48, Cal 26 - Duck, brother, Duck, say Brother Duck's travelling point scoring show! Cal plays good at home, but not good enough.

USC 35, Arizona 30 - UPSET; Whatevs.

Nevada 31, Fresno State 30 - Int he end, I couldn't keep the upset here. It will be close, and the Bulldogs will give the 'Pack all they can handle.

Texas 26, Oklahoma State 24 - UPSET ALERT - KEEPING IT.

TCU 30, San Diego State 21 - The Aztecs are no pushover now. Hoke's got them 6 points away from undefeated and they'll be a handful for TCU.

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