Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Morning QB

Iowa did not want to win. Tennessee and Wisconsin did. The Hawkeyes looked lethargic and out of sync, even in the last minute drive with a chance to win. The Volunteers came out of the gate charging against Ole Miss and never looked back. Wisconsin dropped eighty-three on Indiana, calling pass plays up 69-20. What the fuck exactly is written on Brett Bielema's card?

How did Zook lose to Minnesota? The coach-less Gophers were using three 3rd string players and footstool on the o-line and still upset the Illini, 38-34. Please, someone, put Zook out of his misery.

Miami drilled Georgia Tech; I guess I'm going to stop picking the Jackets.

Army is bowl eligible. Texas is not.

ABC uses twelve-year old boys as camera men:

Hey, did you guys hear about Cam Newton? Seriously, though, I expected hear a lot more this week. What I didn't expect was Tony Barnhart's half-time special commentary. He made a cogent point, and one agree with, mostly, about how this entire situation is reflective of the ugly side of the sport. What I didn't need was the hackneyed mention of this being America, and we made it through two world wars, and all that shit that has NO-THING to do with Cam Newton. Hey, Barnhart. Perspective. Get some.

As far as the game itself, I was impressed by Georgia's play, but you had to know it was over when we kicked the field goal. You can't bring a FG to a track meet-type shootout and hope to win. Cam Newton is unstoppable...but is he enough to win a national title? I'm still not convinced. 5-6 Georgia shouldn't have been able to give the true second-best team in the nation such a close run. Also, Cam Newton is extremely likable. He almost never stops smiling, doesn't talk smack, always hands the ball directly to the refs, etc.; I hate that all that might be tainted...especially if by his own father. You know who's not likable? Nick Fairley.

I've never wanted a game to just end so badly in my entire life.

McGloin's two pass TD's against Ohio State were the first two pass TD's Penn State's scored in Columbus in the JoePa era. That's 1966, folks. No pass TD in the Horseshoe since '66. Fuck. In the end, though, it didn't matter; the Buckeyes woke up somewhere in the third.

Rich Brooks still tweets.

Utah got owned by Notre Dame. I called the upset here, but in no way did I think it would be so dominant.

TCU had to hold on against a pesky San Diego State squad, 40-35. That's the best performance anyone's had against that Frog D. Warning for 2011: Watch out for the Aztecs! (Unless Hoke leaves, then all bets are off)

Boise State will jump TCU in the human polls - and might be number one for the week with unconvincing performances in the rest of the top-4.

I grossly over-rated Florida heading into this week. Outside of the opening kickoff return, they had nothing going all night against South Carolina. Lattimore once again carried most of the Gamecock load, making him my vote for SEC Freshman of the Year. So now it'll be a SoCar-Auburn rematch in Atlanta for the conference title.  It was a one score game last time, but Auburn's offense has gotten better while there defense has just atrophied - I'll take the Tigers in another 40-something to 30-something game. I think everyone in the SEC outside of Auburn is ready to see Cam go.

Oregon forgot their offense on their trip to Cal. Somehow, Tedford just has the Ducks' number - he's like the Tuberville of the West Coast. In the end, though, 15 points was enough for the number one team to survive and fight on. Outside of the trip to USC, I thought this trip to Cal would be the toughest task for the Ducks - and now they're 10-0 with Arizona and the Civil War left to go. 12-0 might still yet be a stretch for this team, especially if Cal's performance can be copied.

Oklahoma State is the front-runner of the Big-XII South, but will need to win Bedlam to actually earn their rematch with Nebraska for the conference title.

Finally, who's the best one-loss team? Wisconsin? LSU? Stanford? One of the Big-XII lingerers? Last week, Stanford got my vote, but they had an Oregon-esque game last night, so i think that spot will go to LSU or Wisky.

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