Saturday, November 13, 2010

Colorado's Coach Hunt

Bellotti to Colorado? That would make the new Pac-12 VERY interesting, especially the annual Oregon- CU game...

UPDATE: Apparently, the Buffs are also interested in Mark Richt.  Richt's got a little bit of a Colorado background, having lived there as a kid, but he's so far removed from that, I don't see it being a big draw.Albert Lin at ESPN points out a few other concerns:
Richt makes $2.8 million at Georgia and CU athletic director Mike Bohn is on record as saying he thought even $2 million would push the school's budget. And because Richt is an active coach, the Buffaloes likely would have to wait until after the Bulldogs' regular-season finale (Nov. 27) to speak with him. If they want someone in place by early December, Richt may not be a good fit.
Wow. To push the budget on this issue could be disastrous for a program trying to get a fresh start in a new conference.They must be Rocky mountain high...

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