Saturday, November 13, 2010

Final Thoughts for Tomorrow

Will Cam Newton play tomorrow? Auburn now has no official comment. That's an ominous sign and a big departure from Chizik's adamant stance earlier this week. I've heard several people say they're tired of this story. I guess I understand in a small way, it can be tedious and repetitive. But all in all, it's the biggest story of this season, and I'm genuinely interested to see how it turns out. Personally, I have no emotional attachment to the outcome. Cam Newton's an amazing and charismatic player, so I would hope he comes out clean, but let's get real. Honestly, this whole scandal is more an indictment of our sport and its extremes than of one player. College football has an ugly - like Jocelyn Wildenstein ugly - side to it that's always peeking out no matter from what angle you look at it.And none of us are innocent in this. Like Trip says in Glory: "It stinks bad. And we all covered up in it too. Ain't nobody clean." Coming back to tomorrow, though, I'd like to see Cam play. If we win, I want to know we beat them at their best and no one likes losing to a backup QB. One thing I will be relieved to see go, however, is the attitude of Auburn fans. Their distance from reality on this story is mind boggling. And, once again, this isn't just an indictment of one particular school's fans. If this story happens anywhere, the fans react the same way; it's another indictment of the whole system. But there will be more time for serious talk later, after the game and the rivalry weekend. Until then, here's a mood lightener; what every Auburn fan raging out online actually comes across as:

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