Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is the PAC-10 (12) Inheriting, Exactly?

We know Utah and Colorado will be joining the Pac-10 soon, but what exactly are they bringing to the table? Utah just got drilled by TCU and Colorado just fired their coach. So, either Utah isn't exactly the big time talent we thought when they thumped 'Bama, or TCU is more ready for prime time than any other mid-major ever. If it's the latter, OK. TCU can join an AQ league down the line and get their respect without it being an indictment of Utah. If it's the former, woe is the Pac-12. If Utah's not ready to compete week-in and week-out, what was all this off-season, expansion hassle for? It might be different if the other expansion team was a true "get", but it's a struggling Colorado team coming off 4 losing seasons and looking for a new head coach. If they don't hire up - and fast - they'll potentially bring less to the table than a busted Utes squad. Now I don't necessarily think these questions presented here fairly represent this expansion, but they need to be raised. In reality, I think Utah is a good program who will only get better against big-time competition and southern Cali exposure, I just think TCU might be better and deserves a shot somewhere in the ranks of the AQ. For Colorado, the right hire will make all the difference. Hawkins ran a clean program, with no scandal, academic fraud, or recruiting violations, but he didn't win. What the Buffs need is someone who can do both; an up and comer they can grab (relatively) inexpensively who can win. My suggestion: Brady Hoke. He worked wonders at Ball State and now at San Diego State and could be just the right fit in Boulder. And, if Colorado addresses this problem now, they - and the whole Pac-12 - will be better off.


  1. Nice post. I hadn't thought of Hoke, but that's an astute hiring suggestion. Someone should tell the Big 12 tahat they could easily fill their Texas void with TCU.

  2. Thanks. I'd like to see Hoke get a shot somewhere big - or, at least bigger than SDSU. Of course, Colorado took Hawkins from Boise and we see how that worked out...

  3. True. But Hoke did have success at Ball State, of all places. It seems almost anyone can have at least a winning season at Boise State. I've never seen a system school, where all you have to do is plug a coach in and he wins...a lot.