Monday, November 8, 2010

Georgia-Auburn: Really Early Lean

Georgia cannot stop Cam Newton. He's too good and we're already soft against running QB's as it is. Richt has already said we're not going to use a spy, so I'm assuming we'll be relying on different fronts and disguised coverages to try and slow him down. Can it work? Yes. Will it? I say no. No matter what front we use, Newton's athleticism will carry him through. The coverages could help, hopefully forcing some turnovers, but Newton hasn't made a lot of mistakes. It'll have to be a combination of contained pressure and aggressive coverage that changes things, and I just don't see that happening against someone as physically imposing and athletic as CN. So look for Auburn to score some points.

Offensively, the Dawgs will have to light up the scoreboard if they want to win, which means shootout-mode. Georgia is not used to this type of game and they don't do well out of their comfort zone. Aaron Murray is talented enough to carry the offense here and Auburn's secondary is certainly suspect. But, will Bobo let him off the leash or deviate from our traditional game plan? And will the O-line be able to protect him all day, especially against Fairly? Some weapons we could use to our advantage on Saturday are screens and draws. If the Tiger front is going aggressive to get to Murray, they could be burned with these type of plays. Once they adjust, Murray will have the protection to make some big throws. What won't work is a steady diet of running the ball to set up PA.

A wildcard in the mix? Georgia's return game. A Smith or Boykin return could change the composure of a tight game. What's not a wildcard? Blair Walsh, as Byrum can match Georgia kick-for-kick. And Butler's a push because Newton can make magic out of any field position.

In the end, Auburn is an undefeated, top-ranked war-machine led by one of the greatest players in the game. Mix that in with the frustration of losing 4 straight in this series, and the Tigers could win big. Georgia has made most of their mistakes away from home, and I see that trend continuing in Jordan-Hare.

Early lean: Auburn 42, Georgia 27

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  1. Unfortunately, you're right on with this one. I'm afraid we won't even necessarily put up 27 (or 24), but there's a chance that we'll come out and surprise everyone. It would be nice to be able to keep it close, but visions of the Tebow years keep flashing in my mind.