Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Morning QB

We've had showdown, separation, and roadblock Saturdays so far. This must have been cupcake Saturday in the SEC, as Georgia, Auburn, and Kentucky took on the likes of Idaho State, Chattanooga, and Charleston Southern.

While we're near the subject of Auburn, I was pleasantly surprised how little I heard about the Cam Newton recruitment investigation yesterday. I know its a big story - even though I doubt it's some weird, high-level, anti-Auburn conspiracy - but since we don't have any new info, I was glad that every reporter, color man, and sports anchor didn't hash and re-hash the story.

Staying in the SEC: 'Bama got 'Hatted! A reverse and fake punt pushed the Bayou Bengals past an apparently uninterested Tide team. And, if the Moviegoer thought the halftime interview was great, how 'bout Les Miles' post-game comments? You really never know what he's about to say. Also, we learned where his powers come from: eating grass.

The loss puts Alabama out of the BCS chase...and probably put the business end of shotgun in Paul Finebaum's mouth.

The other 3:30 game was not as interesting, even though it was a match-up of top-5 teams. TCU murdered Utah, 47-7, and took a firmer hold of that BCS 3-spot. I wouldn't be surprised if the Frogs picked up a few more number one votes in the human polls, too. And, considering who Auburn played and what Oregon's first quarter looked like, this would be the weekend for TCU and Boise to step up.

LSU will most likely be the top one-loss team, but I think that should go to Stanford. They destroyed a good Arizona team and their only loss is to Oregon, and if that game had not been in Autzen, they might have held on to their 21-3 lead.

Joe Paterno got win no. 400 yesterday. Congrats to the dean of the FBS.

Michigan and Illinois met up for some football and a basketball game broke out. In a game with absolutely no defense, Michigan held on to deflect a 2-pt. try in OT and win, 67-65. That 65 is the most points the Wolverines have ever given up...and it was in a win. The Big Ten has been a lot of fun to watch this year.

Goodbye, Oklahoma. Like 'Bama, the Sooners were put out of the BCS race yesterday, falling to Texas A&M, 33-19. The dropped pass on the fake-FG has been the big highlight, but OU honestly just got outplayed by the Aggies. There were 14 minutes left in the game after that fake, and A&M owned them all.

Texas is terrible.

Charlie Strong is doing a great job at Louisville. Remember how bad they were? Now they're one win away from a bowl. Nicely done. Syracuse has had a resurgence, as well. Doug Marrone already has the Orange at 6-wins, though they did fall to Strong's Cardinals yesterday. Still, though, it looks like Pitt will win the Big East.

And now Maryland controls its own destiny in the ACC Atlantic division. Wouldn't that be an awesome BCS Bowl, Pitt-Maryland?

Oklahoma State beat Baylor thoroughly, making them look like the only team that really wants to win the Big 12. Missouri cannot handle their own success, dropping two straight after beating OU and Nebraska still has that nasty Texas loss hanging over their heads.  And Colorado? Well, Colorado looked poised to cruise right past pitiful Kansas, until they allowed 35 points in the fourth quarter. Oh, well.

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  1. So many things to comment upon. I was pleasantly surprised to hear so little avoid Camgate. I still can't believe Les Miles eats grass from every field at which his team plays. I think you're right about Stanford. We'll have to hash out the rest face-to-face because I'm forgetting something.