Thursday, December 17, 2009

All Decade Team (Weezy edition)

It seems like I have been missing a ton of blog action while on vacation, so here we go:


QB- Tim Tebow (Who has more heart? He praises HIM more than anyone on the list.)

RB-Adrian Peterson (A genetic and athletic freak)

RB-Darren McFadden (Unbelievable skills)

T-Joe Thomas (Premier LT is worth more than gold)

T-Jake Long (Baby Flattop is a worker)

C-Greg Eslinger (Super smart player)

G-Duke Robinson (As physically imposing as they come)

G-Logan Mankins (Go other Dawgs)

TE-Kellen Winslow (He IS a Mfing soldier after all)

WR-Calvin Johnson (Megatron is the best nickname ever)

WR-Larry Fitzgerald (Clutch on top of the stats)

ATH-Reggie Bush (Even I was scared for the defense EVERYTIME he touched the rock)

K-Billy Bennett (A soft spot? Maybe, but he was lights out and the all-time scoring leader)


DE-David Pollack (3xAA and his motor never ever stopped)

DE-Terrell Suggs (24 sacks in 1 yr., Really!?)

DT- Tommie Harris (Great player)

DT-Ndamukong Suh (Eats double teams like tic tacs)

LB-Patrick Willis (One that I loved to watch, always had double digit tackles)

LB-Rocky Calmus (Made game changing plays)

LB-Paul Posluszny (One of Linebacker U's best)

CB-Terence Newman (Great cover corner with hands)

CB-Derrick Strait (He was so awesome on EA's NCAA)

S-Ed Reed (No one returns an INT like this guy)

S-Eric Berry (This man is the definition of "football player")

P-Daniel Sepulveda (3x AA, 2x Ray Guy and a Bad-ass last name)

Head Coach: Urban Meyer (His success is almost unreal)

To my surprise, I enjoyed picking the D more than the O. There are so many great talents to choose from. I could make up multiple random awards to get some of my favorites on the list, for example:

Most children eaten: Thomas Davis, UGA (I don't think that I've ever enjoyed watching someone hit more than TD, he was ferocious)

Best Return man/Cornerback: Devin Hester, The U (So great at both but I couldn't leave Reggie Bush out)

Best game: USC @ ND in 05- I remember watching every bit of that game and thinking that it was the best game that I had ever seen.

I could go on and on but we will leave it here for now. Future musings to come.

By the way, what is this I hear about Tiger Woods doing something wrong?


  1. Great list! I totally didn't even think about "Best Game!"

    For me, it's the obvious: Texas over USC in the Rose Bowl. No defense, but, wow, was it playmaker central.

  2. Great list. I have found people in everyone elses that I am pissed I looked over ... but that's what makes this so fun!

    Live It!

  3. BTW, what's this Tiger Woods thing you're talking about?

  4. I loved the parenthetical commentary. Well worth the wait!