Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bobby Bowden Retires

Bobby Bowden has announced that he is stepping down as head coach at FSU after this year's bowl game. And, while he's become somewhat of a punchline the last few years, Bowden is undeniably one of the greatest coaches of all time. I was trying to think of all the nice things I was going to write, but I won't bother. Besides, EDSBS did it better than I ever could. With the annoucement has come some finagaling by FSU and the ACC to secure the 'Noles a guaranteed in-state bowl bid so that Bowden can say goodbye to his people as close to home as possible. Some may bitch about that, but I think it's a simple gesture to a deserving...

...what was I saying?


  1. that florida state girl with the "talent" took out her "talent" because she was sick of people not looking at her for her mind. for serious. like, what did you think implants would do to people's perception of you, you retard!

    Anyway, Bobby - glad he retired instead of having to endure being canned. Great coach, but definitely lost his edge in recent seasons.