Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All-Decade Team

Coming soon: My FTS all decade team. If you'll notice out to the right side, there's eight people who can contribute on this site. I'd like to encourage them to get some input on this list and post an all-decade team of their own next week. Mine should be up sometime by Friday and will follow classic "All-Whatever-the-fuck-Team" model:

2 RB
2 T
2 G
2 WR

2 DE
2 DT
3 LB
2 CB
2 S

Feel free to throw in a wildcard or two if you want outside of ATH, such as a key returner, solid backup, etc. The players can have played for any FBS team from 2000 to now.

Also, now that i've typed the word "wildcard," I'm reminded of a quote from one of the best shows on TV:


  1. I am in! But wow, this might take me a week to narrow down 1 team. Does this factor in more what they did at the FBS level, or their career post college? Does it count off the field things as well or just on the field? So much to think about.

  2. We're only concerned with what they did in college. As far as off the field stuff goes, I'll leave that up to you. But I'm definitely going to factor in character/dedication/etc. along with talent.