Monday, December 14, 2009

RE: Big 10 plans expansion...again

I say let ISU join the Big 10 (um 11) (um 12?) (um shit) and let TCU or Houston step up in the Big 12 (yes the real one) And while were at it two out of Utah, BYU, and Boise group should join the Pac 10 (12? please) Ths would leave the only BCS conference to not have a conference championship game to be the BIG EAST. And just for S&G we could have some real fun and add ND (basketball ties), App St & Nova (look what Boise has done), and Navy?


DiaBLOGue from joaj34:

I like Aroo's plans, mostly. ISU doesn't bring in a new market, though, and i think that's what the Big Ten is after. However, the Cyclones would be a natural fit. Plus, I like the mega expansion approach. The Moviegoer and I discussed this at length one night at Chili's and drew it all up on napkin. However, the Mt West has improved since then and I think Utah would be a great fit along with Boise St. As afr as the Big East, why bring up the little kids? Just fill it with what we already have available in the area. So, yes to ND and Navy. Then add Army for the tradition and Temple (rapidly improving) for the win.

And, what would the new, expanded Big Ten call itself? My vote: The Old Northwest Conference. It's historical, traditional, and opens itself up to be divided into two divisions: Land and Lakes.


  1. I'm ok with Army, Navy, & ND but Temple? They used to be Big East and got the boot once already. Bring in Nova because they already have basketball ties and are on the verge of a FCS title. Go Wildcats! I like the name for the new Big 10, I was contemplating something similar like the GREAT LAKES CONFERENCE.

    BTW, are you going to have any sheets for the bowl pool after all? I'm trying to gauge what the prizes are going to be.

  2. Good call - I'll admit that I'm football biased. But, instead of promoting more FCS teams, let's think low level FBS wit competitive b-ball. But who?

    BTW, a boot once doesn't last forever - programs can rebuild. Look how shitty Syracuse is now. I'd much rather have Temple if Golden's on the job.

  3. Yeah I agree but you know as well as I do that some conferences hold their place because of abilities in other sports (ie Duke, WF, and in the past UNC, Stanford) Syracuse is basketball money and will never go away. Temple is an abyss and even their money making bball program in down the toilet since Cheney left. One bowl game does not change that. I think the MAC is perfect for them. How about Troy? Would Alabama be a stretch for the Big East?

  4. I think we have a new topic: let's redistribute ALL the conferences! Seriously, let's get BC back in the Big East and keep the ACC from Maryland southward. Get ISU to the B10 and bring in TCU to the B12. Plus, boot Baylor and bring in Arkansas. Then, the SEC can raid the ACC for a teams and we'll squeeze in the smaller schools back into the lower tier conferences. The SEC could even boot Kentucky to the Big East.

  5. Also, what about super conferences. Remember how absurd a 12-team league was in '92? Well, what about 14 teams with 2 7-team divisions?