Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Final (Pretend) Heisman Ballot

UPDATE: I just heard a great quote on the Heisman from Bob Ryan on Around the Horn: "To Hell with the Quarterbacks!" That pretty much sums it up for me.

1st: Toby Gerhart, Stanford - Both Gerhart and Suh are dominance personified. Why the nod for TG? He was more consistent, performing at lights-out level all season long.

2nd: Ndomakung Suh, Nebraska - Because his name means 'House of Spears' and because of his sack lunch of Colt McCoy, served with a side of Nagurski.

3rd: CJ Spiller, Clemson - He IS Clemson's team this year.

4th: Mark Ingram, Alabama - He played the toughest defenses of any leading RB and performed well in most games. The SECCG erased doubts from the Iron Bowl and his bruising style warms my inner barbarian.

5th: VERY tough decision. Here's who I considered:

Jerry Hughes - TCU
Brandon Graham - Michigan
Dion Lewis - Pitt
Ryan Matthews - Fresno St.
Freddie Barnes - BGSU
Golden Tate - ND
Rolando McClain - Bama
All those QB's...

Who got #5: (Reluctantly) Tim Tebow, Florida - Completely on sentiment and SEC homerism. It was almost Colt McCoy, but I really don't have as much respect for most Big-XII defenses as I do those of the SEC variety (Tim's faced 6 top-20 defenses to Colt's 1). Plus, Tebow performed better against McClain than McCoy did against Suh. Very dubious, I know, but c'mon it's the 5-spot. I honestly wanted to put McClain here, but a double-dip from Tuscaloosa would have been too much Tide. And, we probably would have never heard form The Moviegoer again if I did that...

Who will win it: Well, life's not fair and the Big-XII voters are sleazy, so probably Colt McCoy.


  1. Big XII votes are definitely sleazy, but if it can keep Bama from getting a Heisman, I'm all for it. I'd like to see Gerhart win it.

  2. Who should win and who will win are two different stories

    Should Will
    1-Suh 1-Ingram
    2-Gerhart 2-McCoy
    3-Ingram 3-Tebow
    4-McCoy 4-Suh
    5-Tebow 5-Gerhart

    Unfortunately, the term "Heisman" has turned into the best player on the best team. Ingram and McCoy are both playing for the title and McCoy could have won the Eric Crouch lifetime achievement Heisman award for breaking David Greene's record and finally getting to the big dance. But he single handedly choked his way to 2nd place. I'm not saying that BCS people controlled that clock, nor am I saying that there wasn't 1 second still there, but in any other regualar season game that wouldn't have been reviewed (ie LSU-Miss). What a dumbass! I say Roll Tide, Ingram = unreal against a dominant defense in the de facto national championship game, and the SEC will prevail (yet again...)