Saturday, December 26, 2009

Urban Meyer Steps Down

Urban Meyer has stepped down as head coach at the University of Florida. He cites health reasons and that's really all we know right now. He says he will remain involved with the Gator program, and his children are reported to have responded joyfully to the news, saying "we have our dad back." So, it's most likely a serious illness with either Meyer - maybe due to his heart valve defect - a family member, or he might just want to step back and have more time for other things. I guess we'll find out more details in the next few days. Either way, for right now, Meyer's last game will be the Sugar Bowl on NYD.
UPDATE: Who will fill Meyer's shoes in Florida? Strong finally got his head coaching job, apparently two years late, yet two months too early. Without Strong, an in-staff hire seems highly unlikely. So, where do the Gators go?

How about Starkville? They could steal Dan Mullen back, which would help vastly on offense. Either way, the D will be questionable, so the old-OC seems like a good choice. But, would he leave Mississippi State? Yes. Who wouldn't make that trade?

And, it has to be said (but should not be seriously considered), there's always Steve Spurrier. There, I said it. Let's move on.

Kyle Whittingham replaced Meyer at Utah in 2005. Could he do it again on a bigger stage? Why not? He's got the mind for it and the cupboard's never bare in Gainesville.

Then there's the big catch folks have been talking about lately: Jon Gruden. He's been mentioned with a ton of job openings across the NFL and college ranks, but, when asked about the FSU job, he denied interest. Could the in-state rival Gators be tempting enough?

BTW, when I goggled the phrase: "Who will Florida hire as coach" the Google add-on, Wiki-search, link thingy defaulted to Gene Chizik's look out, Auburn!
UPDATE 2: Or, what about the veteran, Tommy Tuberville? And I'm only half-kidding...well, 3/4 kidding.
UPDATE 3: To quote Penn: "And then there's this asshole!"

This one's a stretch to me. Meyer's spread is one thing, but PJ' s system would be a HUGE changeover for a team that won't down time in owning its division. And, while I'll admit Johnson's a good coach with a good offense, the ACC is NOT the SEC. He beat Georgia once and also a down Vandy and MSU - but could he compete week in and week out with the entire conference?

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