Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bowl Business

I made my SEC Bowl projections on Sunday. Apparently, I was WAAAAY fucking off. Now, the top-4 picks were spot on: SEC CG winner in the BCS Title Game, loser in the Sugar, LSU in Cap1, and Ole Miss in the Cotton. According to new media reports, however, my bottom half picks were all out of order. Please note, I'm not hanigng my accuracy-hat on the ABH. It's just that this report is (disappointingly) on pace with some other things I've heard and read the last couple of days.

According to Weiszer's sources, things shake out as follows:

Outback: Auburn, Chick-Fil-A: Tennessee, Liberty: Arkansas, Music City: Kentucky

That leaves Georgia and South Carolina for the Independence and Papajohns.com to sort out.

Several media outlets in Alabama have the Outback in Tampa picking Auburn. The (Nashville) Tennessean reported that the Chick-fil-A in Atlanta had tabbed Tennessee and the Music City in Nashville selected Kentucky. The Memphis Commerical Appeal reported that Arkansas will play in the Liberty Bowl in Memphis.

That would leave Georgia and South Carolina as options for the Independence before the Papajohns.com makes the final selection
In reality, this makes as much sense as what I had. I mean, you're dealing with six 7-5 teams, here. One order of selection makes as much sense as the next. But, I'm going to hold out hope that Chick-Fil-A wisens up and takes the home team to pack out the Dome.
Gary Stokan, president of the Chick-fil-A bowl, said Tuesday night that his bowl has no "clear-cut favorite" from the SEC and hasn't extended an invitation to a team. He said Georgia is still in the mix.
Georgia should still be in the mix. Though, we might be better off pulling a lower-tier bowl because I'm not sure we can beat VA Tech. I know I don't want to play Houston, though, either. Of course, I guess I should just be glad we got to a bowl game...


  1. Yea, another New Year's Day match-up against Wisconsin. I'll be curious to see if AU is ready for a big-time bowl. Thank god it's not Iowa State. I really didn't want to risk the Bama flamers' fire with that one.

  2. I think you take the 3-5 SEC record teams and drop them to the bottom of the list (AUB and SC). Why the hell does Aubbie get a NYD bowl?

  3. Not a bad approach actually: base it on conference record. 4-4's and then 3-5's.