Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big Ten Expansion Rumors (again)

There have been some recent rumors circulating that the Big Ten has finally seen the light and wants to begin researching possibilities to add a 12th team. It would be a vast improvement over the current set-up, where the Big10 is done playing for weeks before the rest of the season warps up and would add another big time, marquee championship game to showdown Saturday the first weekend in December. Well, it's about time. Obviously, the best candidate for expansion is Notre Dame, but the Spoiled Irish refuse to belong to a football conference...and joining the B10 would screw up their Big East allegiances in other sports. I covered this topic over the summer, so I won't explore too deep into it again here. I will say though, that if ND is absolutely out as a possibility, then the Big Ten's best bet is to raid a neighboring AQ-conference, either the Big East or Big-XII.


  1. I say let ISU join the Big 10 (um 11) (um 12?) (um shit) and let TCU or Houston step up in the Big 12 (yes the real one) And while were at it two out of Utah, BYU, and Boise group should join the Pac 10 (12? please) Ths would leave the only BCS conference to not have a conference championship game to be the BIG EAST. And just for S&G we could have some real fun and add ND (basketball ties), App St & Nova (look what Boise has done), and Navy?