Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Urbania Legends

I thought it was kinda catchy. Was the team name I used for my created school on NCAA 2010. Well here is what I've got. Might need to make an update or two later but I would be more then happy to go to battle with these boys. Even in the streets as off the field discretions dont get you benched here in Urbania. PS, a couple of these answers might surprise you.

QB Matt Leinart (25-1 as starter, one title, a heisman, and on short end of the greatest game of the decade)

RB Larry Johnson (seriously? 2087 yards and an 8.0 YPG average in 2002)

RB DeAngelo Williams (Memphis or not, you don't finish in the top two in rushing back to back seasons anywhere)

RB Cadillac/Ronnie (any two headed monster that both get picked in the first five picks after going undefeated in the SEC with an overrated QB is super tuff)

T Bryant McKinnie (I could put the entire 2001-2 Miami Hurricane line on here. Dorsey never got touched.

T D'Brickashaw Ferguson (Unreal talent who was hidden a bit at Virginia until he started destroying people his junior year)

G Steve Hitchinson (a BIG reason why Michigan used to control the Big 10)

G Max Jean Gilles (Joaj is a thief, but this guy was a HUGE reason UGA had so much success when he was there and so many problems when he was hurt)

C Nick Mangold (Literally the only other top notch center I could think of was Jeff Faine so Mangold gets the nod for playing on a winning team)

TE Jeremy Shockey (Big mouth or not, he was the size of a lineman and moved liked a fullback with hands of a #1 receiver. Shockey brought attitude and backed it up.)

WR Charles Rogers (made some of the more unbelieveable catches that I have ever seen and made Jeff Smoker look like Peyton Manning)

WR Michael Crabtree (ditto above with Rogers, and he helped put TexTech in the national spotlight)

ATH Reggie Bush (not really a RB or WR, but he did EVERYTHING!)

K Billy Bennett (James stole my thunder. My boy! Had the NCAA record for points scored in a season, AND played a mean guitar)

DE Julius Peppers (Made the ACC look like his bitch, brought UNC into national attention; highly underrated and should have drawn Heisman candidacy)

DE David Pollack (All heart, finished the drill, and had the nastiest pick ever against the Cocks)

DT Glenn Dorsey (was possibly the best player in country and got no respect for the Heisman)

DT Henderson/Haynesworth (Couldn't pick just one, these two monsters made Tennessee's D line unmoveable)

LB Ernie Sims (Not many people in this world scare me through the TV screen)

LB Dan Morgan (Continued the tradition of terrific MLB from the U)

LB Laurianitis/Hawk (I swear they are the second coming of the Legion of Doom)

CB Pacman Jones (Cornerbacks arent this good. Had a money name and attitude and brought his game to both sides of the ball. Plus, he loves making it rain, dog!)

CB DeAngelo Hall (A true shutdown corner that made visiting Blacksburg difficult)

S Sean Taylor/Ed Reed (Again couldnt pick just one, they were both out of this world unreal)

S Adam Archuleta (I have never seen a kid enter college white and 155 lbs and turn into a 1st round draft pick. Plus I have NEVER seen anything as crazy as his game day weight lifting ritual.)

P Damon Duval (He was so good that is seemed like he was there for like 9 years)

KR Santana Moss/ Devin Hester (Gotta be someone from dat U)

COACH Urban Meyer (If this indeed only over a 10 year period, this guy started the decade as a receivers coach, went to Bowling Green and won, took a step up at Utah where he went undefeated and broke into the BCS, then stole a win and a big job in the Swamp. Since then he has gone 54-10 and won two national chamonships)

Honorable Mention
QB- David Greene & Colt McCoy (not enough said about breaking the QB win record)
Michael Vick (he brought an aspect to the game that no defense could stop)
RB- Maurice Clarett (we will never know)
WR- Andre Johnson
DT- Suh and Seymour
LB- Boss Bailey (just because of those blocked kicks)
CB- Phillip Buchanan


  1. What do you mean, "we will never know?" We know everything we need to know - it's a college based ballot. We saw everything Clarett did in college.

  2. I'm just sayin, the body of work was great for the one year and we will never know how good he could have been in college if he wasn't such a troublemakin idiot.

  3. Gotcha, makes sense. I was going to make fun of this for basically being an all-Miami team, but then i remembered how many OSU players showed up on my's easy to pull a lot from one place.

  4. I was glad to see Larry Johnson get some love. He made my short list, but in the end I passed him up to bring in the FB.

  5. I was really really trying not to. But they were so solid 2000-2002 and had soooo many good players. I tried to limit myself to 5. Same with Dawgs.

  6. I think it turned out fine - great list! Mayne we need to get an AND U vs. Urbania cutom match-up online...

  7. I think we talked about that earlier but I accidentally made my team a 5 star group and it wouldnt be fair. plus i havent played that game in months.