Sunday, December 27, 2009

Urban Update - Just a Leave of Absence

Urban Meyer has changed his intent from the original "stepping down" to a more down-graded, yet somehow more confusing, "leave of absence." So what does thta mean? Meyer will still coach the Sugar Bowl like originally decided, but then OC Steve Addazzio will assume head coaching duties until Meyer can return. So, it's not an Urben-less SEC we're looking at next season, after all, and all the "who will go to Gainesville" chatter fade away. Apparently it was at a short team meeting/practice this morning that he changed his mind. What it sounds like is that Meyer will step aside for a bit, let Addazzio sign in the recruits and shape up for Spring, finish th paperwork and stock the board and then return in time to focus the team during summer heading into Fall. Well, I guess if anyone deserves the break, it's him.
UPDATE: When asked about returning in the fall, Meyer responded that in his gut he felt he'd be back by then. From what could be gleaned from the press conference, I have a feeling Urban won't be gone for long at all. And, when you think baout it - Urban Meyer taking scaling back a few hours a week probably put him on par with most other coaches across the nation, schedule-wise.

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