Wednesday, December 9, 2009

LTDx's All--Decade Team

LTDx sent me his All-Decade team earlier today. As such, he gets the distinction of being the first entry into FTS' All-Decade Bonanza. It's a solid list, albeit a bit more NFL-influenced than others. Great way to use the double-ups/honorable mentions to squeeze in extra talent - I planned on doing that myself. Plus, it Goes Dawgs pretty hard towards the end! My only question: Why 2 centers?


QB : Tim Tebow

RB : LaDanian Tomlinson

RB : Darren McFadden

T : D’Brickashaw Ferguson

T: Joe Thomas

G: Ben Grubbs

G: Justin Blalock

C: Nick Mangold / Jeff Faine

TE: Kellen Winslow, Jr.

WR: Roy Williams / Larry Fitzgerald

WR: Calvin Johnson

ATH: Percy Harvin / Ted Ginn

K: Billy Bennett


DE: David Pollack

DE: Julius Peppers

DT: Glen Dorsey

DT: Dewayne Robertson

LB: Patrick Willis

LB: John Vilma

LB: Odell Thurman / Thomas Davis

CB: Quentin Jammer

CB: Chris Gamble

S: Roy Williams

S: Sean Taylor

P: Andy Lee

Honorable Mention:

QB: David Greene

RB: Adrian Peterson

WR: Charles Rogers

DE/DT : Richard Seymour

Great List, LTDx. This is exactly what I was looking for. C'mon everybody...where's Aroo? Weezy?* The Moviegoer and JINX? Our long lost friend, KTL...? Do Work, sons! My entry should be up tonight/tomorrow.
*I guess Weezy gets a pass for a few days. You know, with the honeymooning and all.


  1. I certainly leaned on the NFL draft boards to refresh my memory, hell some of the positions I had no idea! I threw a few Dawgs, "O-Hell Thurman, Thomas Davis etc because of how important they were to their team.

    CB was the big shocker to me. Not too many guys who are all that great!

    Overall it was very fun to put together and look forward to reading everyones selections!

  2. Ever heard of a guy named Deion Sanders? How about Terrell Buckley? Oh, I forgot, they didn't play in the SEC so they must not be worthy of an all-time nod...



  3. Team of the decade, dipshit; as in the 2000's - nice try, Nole.

  4. My bad, guys. Obviously, I'm still trying to convince myself that this decade of college football never existed.

  5. BTW, Marlino - how many 'Noles would make an all-90's squad? I'd be interested in seeing that...